Outreach Africa International

Dr. Clevens has traveled to the East African nation of Tanzania on several medical mission trips with a group from Outreach Africa International, which helps people overcome the effects of poverty in 14 countries.

As a result of these experiences, Dr. Clevens established Face of Change in 2010. This charitable effort is the response of Dr. Clevens and his family to the famine, neglect and poverty …witnessed while on medical missions in East Africa and while interacting with folks right in our own backyard of Brevard County, Florida.

On his biannual medical mission trips to Tanzania, Israel and Eastern Africa, Dr. Clevens performs surgery for nearly 12 hours per day, correcting cleft palates and lips, repairing burns and other areas of need that are left behind by poor wound healing or trauma.

Dr. Clevens travels abroad at least twice per year setting aside 2-3 weeks for each trip from his busy Central Florida private practice to care for the world’s neediest and most neglected.

Food Insecurity and hunger remain huge issues in Brevard County, Florida.  Across the nation, 17% of elementary school students are enrolled in the free or reduced lunch program.  In Brevard County, 45% of elementary school students are on free or reduced lunch (The Children’s Hunger Project).

Face of Change now works with the Brevard Hunger Alliance to help develop strategies and to provide food for hungry children in Brevard.

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Medical mission partners working together to care for the world's neediest and most neglected.


Children who have physical deformities are not treated equally in their town or village. We are giving them a second chance.


Face of Change organizes and hosts food packaging events, bringing together hundreds of volunteers.